You Won’t Get Your Home Insurance Quotes From Shakespeare

You Won’t Get Your Home Insurance Quotes From Shakespeare

Article by Tom Jones

Alright so the title is not a very good play on words, but you may not know where to look when you are thinking about insuring your home and possessions. Probably the best place to start with insurance companies is to look for personal recommendations.

It is always a good idea to know that someone else has used the services of a certain company and found them to be helpful and reliable. If you don’t want to ask around about insurance then you can always try searching online to find what you need.

When you are searching out home insurance quotes then you should be aware that there are two basic types of home insurance and they are building and contents. If you own your own home or you have a mortgage then you will need both types of insurance as you are responsible for the building.

Your mortgage lender will probably make building insurance a condition of the loan as your home is an asset they will want to protect. If you are the tenant then building insurance is the responsibility of your landlord but you may still want to get contents insurance to protect your possessions.

Building insurance is designed to insure the building against things like flood damage, fire and anything else that might require a rebuild. Building insurance will also cover things like a leaking roof or replacing damaged and broken windows, most things in fact that can go wrong