Unemployment Rate indicates need for Life Insurance

Unemployment Rate indicates need for Life Insurance

Article by Denise Mancini

Has unemployment made you wary of new investments? Are you struggling to keep up with monthly expenses, and have you stretched your budget way beyond its limits? In times like this, it is natural for people to prioritize their expenses, and more often than not, life insurance is one of the expenditures to get struck off the priority list.

Yet, are we really doing the right thing?Layoffs, unemployment and recession are actually indicators of a need to seriously reevaluate your life insurance needs, and purchase additional term life insurance if required. If you have no life insurance at all, this is the time you must consider purchasing a new policy. Things may be bad now financially, but think how the situation could get even worse for your family if you were no longer around.

Left with unpaid loans and mortgages, monthly expenses, and no life insurance to soften the blow, they would be in dire financial distress even while grieving the death of a loved one.According to life insurance experts, a rising unemployment rate and a recessionary economy are surefire signs that indicate the need for increased life insurance coverage. Sadly, most Americans are doing the opposite – when money gets scarce, life insurance is one of the first expenditures that gets blown off the list.Why should your need for individual term life insurance increase in tough economic times?

Rising unemployment and rampant job insecurity:The only life insurance most of us own is the one they are covered under in their work place. With unemployment on the rise, and no job security, you must know that the kind of life insurance you get through your work place is not portable. So if you lose your job, you are no longer covered and you need to purchase life insurance. Even if you have a very secure job, did you know that employers typically cover you for about 2 – 3 times your current salary? This is barely enough. Life insurance coverage should ideally be around 10 to 15 times your current income. So even if you are guaranteed coverage due to a very secure job, you still need to fill the gap and cover yourself adequately.

Cuts in work benefits:Employers want to cut back on costs heavily in times of recession. You can’t blame them. They are going through a tough time too, possibly losing clients and trying their best to keep the business afloat. Employees have to be prepared for cuts in their retirement, pension and other benefits. If you received job-related perks, you will have to get used to doing without them too, or paying for expenses out of your own pocket. So all in all, you will face a huge cut in your benefits, while your expenses may go up. Holding an individual life insurance policy with adequate coverage is therefore imperative.A drop in the value of your key assets:Housing rates have crashed, and you have seen the value of one of your biggest assets sink. Other important investments, and possibly ones that you had banked on for the future have also taken a tumble. You have to rethink your financial plan, and fill the gaps.

If you can’t leave assets to your family, you can at least leave them a huge death benefit.Why term insurance?In a recessionary period when money is tight and asset values have dropped, with unemployment and job insecurity on the rise, only term life insurance makes sense. Term life insurance is affordable, and it can buy you more insurance per dollar. While whole life admittedly builds up a cash value too, your investment is linked to market performance; so this is definitely not the time to opt for whole life insurance. Whole life premiums are expensive, and it may be difficult for families to make the premium amounts in these difficult times.Individually owned term life insurance is also a great alternative to employer-linked group life insurance. Now that you have to pay for your own premiums, affordability is your concern. Term life insurance is so affordable that it can cost a 40 year old man as little as every month on a ten year level term life insurance policy for 0,000! For a woman of the same age, the monthly premiums will be as little as a month!There is even better news!

Online insurance agencies are the best place to buy your term life policies, and buying from a reputed agency can cut your costs on the policies offered by the best-rated life insurance companies by about 70%! These online sites offer affordable term life insurance quotes that will make you feel very comfortably about buying life insurance. More importantly, because it is cheap, you can afford a high death benefit on an individual term life insurance policy and this will adequately take care of your family in case of your death.

It also makes sense to read up on life insurance online, and to consult a professional life insurance advisor who can help you determine how much term life insurance you may actually need.To conclude, life insurance payments should never be considered a burden. On the contrary, it is the one payment you should be happy about making, knowing that it will secure your family’s future.

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