Small Business Property and Casualty Insurance

Small Business Property and Casualty Insurance

Article by David Gianella

Insurance can cover a variety of catastrophes including natural disasters, fire, and theft. Providing good health coverage for your employees can help you retain them. However, these are not the only types of insurance available. You may be required to carry life, business interruption, or auto insurance depending on the nature of your business. Other types of insurance cover business liability or damage to your inventory. Here we are going to focus on Property and Casualty Insurance

Property Insurance covers property loss from fire, smoke, theft, explosion, vandalism, and other disasters. This insurance protects your business from outside affects; it can consist of many different components, so make sure you ask your insurance agent the details of your coverage. As an entrepreneur, you need to calculate exactly what you should insure and weigh it against the cost of insurance. If you insure everything to the maximum extent, it will be very expensive and not make good business sense. For new businesses, property insurance is usually not very high, but it will depend on factors such as the cost of your equipment, the industry type, and safety of the neighborhood. Property insurance is generally considered the insurance that protects your place of business and the tangible components of your company. It protects the property for its cash value and replacement cost. There are two types of property insurance coverage. The all-risk coverage, as the name implies, covers you against most threats. “Named peril” coverage covers you against a particular risk, for example, a fire.

Liability (Casualty) Insurance combined with property insurance would make up the bulk of your insurance package. Liability insurance protects your business in the event that your business activities cause harm to a person. Liability insurance is usually the immediate concern for the entrepreneur. Society is becoming increasingly litigious, so operating a business without this insurance will be risky. If you are running a business where you deal frequently with customers and they visit your place of business often, liability insurance becomes important.

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