Return of Premium Term Life Insurance

ROP Term is a term life insurance product that provides a death benefit protection and a return of premium feature. This product is revolutionary do to the fact that it bridges the gap between low-cost term insurance and permanent insurance.

Return-Of-Premium (ROP Term) is aimed right at one of the greatest consumer objections to regular term life insurance: I am probably not going to die and my money will have been wasted.” Whether your goal is ensuring income replacement, debt liquidation, a mortgage, a college fund or in the event of a premature death or protecting your family should something happen to you.

ROP Term rewards you for living by offering a guaranteed return of your total cumulative premium paid on the policy during the level term period, not including rider charges, if any, will be paid to the policy owner at the end of the level term period if the policy is then in force.

ROP Term offers you the best of both worlds, solid protection for as long as you need it followed by a full refund if you don’t use it.  Get a quote on Return of Premium Term Life insurance simply by filling in the information above for your State.