Quick Homeowners Insurance Policy Facts

Quick Homeowners Insurance Policy Facts

When you think of homeowners insurance do you think of it as only covering your home in case of a fire, or other natural disaster? While that is a big part of any homeowners insurance policy, there is a lot more to it than just that. Here’s a quick Q & A on everything a homeowners insurance policy covers, and what it will mean to you in the case of a claim.

What Is Covered With A Homeowners Policy Cover?

A homeowners insurance policy is really like a multiple package policy. One part of the package is property damage insurance, which protects you from damages that occur to your home, while the second part of the package covers liability for any injuries or property damage that happens to others on your property. This can include things like your tree falling on the neighbors house, or your dog that would happen to bite someone.

A homeowners insurance policy will of course cover damages from things like fire, tornado, hail, wind, and most all other natural disasters. The only exceptions will generally be floods and earthquakes. For that type of coverage you will need to buy special coverage. That’s an important point to keep this in mind if you are living in places where there is a strong chance of floods and earthquakes.

Another exception is wear and tear to the home. Most insurance companies will exclude maintenance related claims if they are caused by neglect on your part. For example: The wind blew off most of your