Preparing an inventory list for house and building insurance

Preparing an inventory list for house and building insurance

To get the best property insurance quote for you, it is highly recommended to construct an inventory list.The list can be used for a homeowners assurance.You may have to make an insurance claim due to abrupt events such as a burglary or a fire. Contents insurance can cover furniture, household goods, drink, food, televisions, videos, and valuables including jewellery.The money given from the insurance company all depends on the list conducted. It is essential to take photos of your valuable items for house and building insurance purposes.This shows that the item was owned by the homeowner, it is also a good idea for memory purposes so you know what was lost and what was damaged. It is beneficial to take photos as insurance companies won’t cover costs or even replace items without proof of ownership.


Taking pictures for house and building insurance inventories isn’t as simple or as easy as it looks; people underestimate the worth of their possessions and how much they own.Taking a methodological approach and breaking things down room by room makes things a lot simpler.Taking photos or having a video can further validate the accuracy of the checklist.


Items in the garden or in the garage can also be involved in the list such as tools, bicycles, garden maintenance equipment or other items like garden furniture.Electronic equipment in the home like computers, laptops, televisions, and stereos should also be listed.CDs, videos or books of which you might have a larger volume of can also be counted and put on the list.


It is a good idea to note down the value of the item and when it was bought by attaching warranties and copies of invoices to prove ownership and the cost. This will all come in handy if you were to make a house and building insurance claim.


Having a complete blacklist will ensure you receive a more accurate property insurance quote which should take into account all supporting information such as attached warranties and copies of invoices, photographs and receipts. Saving the list on an Excel spreadsheet or on a home inventory form proves to be appropriate. It is crucial to keep a back up copy off-site in case you lose this information when claiming house and building insurance.

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