Is Home Insurance so Important?

Is Home Insurance so Important?

For many that would mean financial disaster. Home Insurance avoids such risks.

Clearly, not many people are faced with seeing their home burn down but damage and loss to your home can occur in many ways. Storms, gas explosion, vehicle accident and flood may spring to mind. But don’t forget that a thief will probably damage your house whilst gaining entry or might cause damage to your doors or decorations whilst ransacking your home. They may even try to steal the strangest of items – yes your toilet could even be on their shopping list!

If you have a leak, you’re responsible for having the leak repaired, but the structural damage caused by the leak will be covered by your Home Insurance. Often the cost of repairing a leak is small compared with the cost of repairing the damage caused. For example, a big problem can occur in the winter if the owners go away and a burst develops because of the cold. If the burst is in the roof, ceilings will come down and the water will damage a large part of the house. This happened to someone we know who returned after a Christmas break to find a stream of ice cascading from their front door. The house took two months to repair.

What else is covered? Falling trees, crashing cars, an aircraft landing on your house (or something falling from one), rampaging farm animals, earthquakes, explosions and lightening? Yes if your house is damaged you’re insured.

What about damage by vandals (insurance