Insure Higher Than the Minimum California Auto Insurance Requirements

Insure Higher Than the Minimum California Auto Insurance Requirements

In order to drive on California roads legally, every car owner in the state must possess California auto insurance. The best kind of insurance is the kind that offers comprehensive coverage at an affordable rate. Everything from bodily injury liability to property damages should be covered, and not just at the minimum level.  The cost of accidents usually far exceeds that of the minimum coverage options.  In the state of California, the minimums as of 2009 are ,000 for bodily injury liability per person; ,000 for bodily injury liability per accident; and ,000 for personal property damage liability.

While these minimums fulfill the requirements to legally drive in the state of California, most drivers choose more comprehensive coverage. This is exceptionally wise because these minimum coverage holders quickly find, in the event of an accident, that they are poorly underinsured.  It is not uncommon for medical bills to exceed ,000, and some cases are upwards of 0,000 or more.  For this reason, many motorists insure themselves for this much money to prevent a financial crisis if they are responsible for an accident.  There are other kinds of insurance coverage than simply liability, such as uninsured motorist coverage, which should also be included in a savvy driver’s California auto insurance coverage.

Now that you understand the importance of having more comprehensive coverage than just the minimum requirements, you need to start looking around and comparing rates from different insurance providers.  Obviously, the lower premiums you can acquire for the same amount of coverage, the better off you will be.  It is wise to compare more than a dozen California auto insurance companies to obtain the best deal.  The easiest way to do this is through an online insurance service company who can provide you with quotes from dozens of companies that offer auto insurance in California.

One company may not necessarily offer the best coverage for every person.  That is why there are so many California auto insurance companies fighting for your business.  You may find it more important to have higher bodily injury liability coverage while another customer puts their priorities in uninsured motorist coverage or property damage liability.  Different companies offer differing rates at varying levels of coverage.  Fortunately, with all the competition between companies, you can appreciate lower insurance premiums if you conduct a little research and do not simply settle on the first company and level of coverage you look into.

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