Insurance For a Rental Property – “What You Need To Know”

Insurance For a Rental Property – “What You Need To Know”

Article by Eric Madrid

Rental property insurance is very different than a homeowner’s policy. A standard homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover a rental property, as there are special considerations that you will need covered. Some landlords lie to insurance companies and tell them the property is owner occupied. Don’t do this! This is very risky, and could put you in very hot water.

How is Rental Property Insurance Different from Homeowner’s Insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance covers your house and the contents within. Rental property insurance covers the structure but it does NOT cover the tenants contents unless there are items that you will be providing for the tenant’s use (such as furniture.) Also, rental property insurance focuses more on liability and protecting you from lawsuits. Finally, there are clauses in most rental insurance that will protect you from the loss of rental income.

Why Your Tenants Need to Have Renter’s Insurance

It is a very good idea to require your tenants to purchase renter’s insurance. Your homeowner’s insurance does not cover your tenant or any of his or her possessions, so it’s really in their best interest. This insurance will also protect you from being liable for any health or property damages that your tenant may try to blame on you, as those items are covered. They will be compensated, and the tenant will not