Import Car Insurance

Import Car Insurance

Import car insurance

Imported cars are increasingly popular in the UK. This is because very often they have higher specification levels and performance than cars purchased in the UK, and can be much cheaper too. Plus there are the bragging rights that accompany having an unusual car on the road!

The problem for insurers is that imported cars are an unknown quantity. Insurers often cannot check, through the usual channels, what risks are involved in insuring an imported car. For example, unlike mass-produced and widely available cars, insurers don’t know what safety and security testing has been done on an imported vehicle, or how easy is it to obtain parts and specialist labour for crash repairs. For this reason, imported car insurance premiums can be prohibitively high.

The first thing to do when looking for import car insurance is to shop around. This is standard advice when looking for any type of insurance, but it’s doubly true of imported cars! You should look for a niche insurer that specialises in imported cars, and who knows and understand all the varying factors and risks involved. And get detailed quotes from all so you can compare what’s on offer.

You will need to know whether your car is considered a parallel import; that is one built and sold to European specifications, or a ‘grey’ import; one that comes from outside the EU, such as from the USA or Japan. Ask lots of questions and give as