Home Insurance Questions And Answers

Home Insurance Questions And Answers

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Can i refinance my home if i hold no homeowners insurance?
I don’t know. But why on globe don’t you have homeowners insurance? You’re nuts. if you have mortgage- you enjoy to have homeowners insurance. why don’t you call some insurance company and ask them to issue your strange policy and pay them one month premium and rest…

Can I return with home owners insurance next to a pitbull??
I have a 2 yr old mannish pit. He’s never bit any human or animal. Where can I get insurance? check the phone book and see if you can find what is called an umbrella company that covers several different companies. sometimes the smaller companies will cover things that…

Can i seize home owners insurance to sue my neighbor for his trees he planted?
in front of my house like twelve foot away and a line of them. there roots are adjectives going to grow into my foundation of my home. the neighbor is a idiot who does not care what he did we dont even know him…

Can I set the amount of home