home insurance Q&A

home insurance Q&A

What do you know in the region of home insurance involving a fire?
My friend had a fire within her home, during the final days of the sale. The insurance company is trying to prove fraud on her division, which there is none, and she have not paid out since Sept. 28, 2006. She is going for…

What home insurance rate should I expect for a house contained by southern West Palm Beach Florida?
this house is east of I-95. I would go on InsureMyHouse.com You can find a local agent through at hand. I know the state program just issued a notification that the state program is going to have a big rate increase….

Age concern home insurance?
home and contents insurance Go to the Age Concern website – or they may sell this through Heydays very soon. …the question is.. yes ask for matured for new see CAB Are you asking if the age of the home will effect the cost of insurance? If you are, after no. It’s the…

Air Conditioning?
Our air conditioner, is so prehistoric. We have home insurance, and it covers it. So here’s the problem. It is approaching 20 years old, and is working, it is only not capable of keeping the house cold. The temp. of the house is resembling 80. So since it is constantly running, and we have it insured…

An insurance request for information!?
When your car/home insurance company cancels you