Health Insurance Reform Schedule

Health Insurance Reform Schedule

This health insurance reform schedule is the official announced schedule from Easy To Insure ME to help citizens understand the future of health insurance in the United States.

Health Insurance Reform Schedule

New programs:

*      Temporary retiree reinsurance program.
*      National risk pool, small business tax credit.
*      0 rebate for Medicare members who reach the “doughnut hole”.

Health Insurance Reforms:

*      No lifetime benefit limits based on dollar amounts.
*      Allowed restricted yearly limits on the dollar value of certain benefits.
*      No coverage rescissions/cancellations (except for fraud or internal misrepresentation).
*      No cost-sharing obligations for preventive services.
*      Must have dependent coverage up to age 26.
*      New internal and external appeal process.
*      No pre-existing condition exclusions for dependent children (under 19 years of age).
*      New health plan disclosure and transparency requirements.

Insurance Reforms:

*      New uniform coverage documents and standard definitions are developed.
*      Must have minimum medical loss ratios.

Medicare Reforms:

*      Start of Medicare Advantage cost-sharing limits.
*      Medicare beneficiaries