Health Insurance Reform Immediate Actions

Health Insurance Reform Immediate Actions

While the majority of health insurance reform provisions go into effect in 2014, there are a number of provisions that take effect in 2010. Here’s an overview of the provisions that become effective this year: Read more at

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Immediately at enactment

Grandfathering – Plans and individuals that “renew” their coverage are exempt from any provisions of the law. These “grandfathered plans” must comply, however, with the following provisions of the law: extend dependent coverage through age 26, prohibit rescissions, eliminate waiting periods greater than 90 days, and eliminate pre-existing condition exclusions for children
Small employer tax credits – provides premium subsidies for small groups with 25 or fewer employees and average salaries of K or less

Less than six months

High-risk pool program – establish a temporary national high-risk pool for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. (effective 90 days post enactment through January 1, 2014)
Temporary reinsurance for employer retirees – Creates a temporary reinsurance for employers providing health insurance coverage to retirees