Health Insurance Reform Easytoinsureme February 5 2010

Health Insurance Reform Easytoinsureme February 5 2010

FEBRUARY 5, 2010

This Week in Health Care Reform EasyToInsureME FEBRUARY 5 2010   

Despite proclaiming to focus on other issues, such as the economy and jobs, President Barack Obama injected new energy into the health care reform debate this week.

On Monday, President Obama held a Q&A session via YouTube in which he responded to questions submitted during his State of the Union address. He commented that “it is my greatest hope” to have health care reform legislation “not just a year from now, but soon.” He also responded to criticisms regarding the lack of transparency around the reform negotiations.

On Tuesday, at a town-hall-style meeting in New Hampshire, President Obama rejected the notion that health care reform was dead, saying “we’ve got to punch it through.” Further, on Wednesday, he met with Senate Democrats reiterating his commitment to reform and encouraging lawmakers to press forward. He also suggested that Republicans play at least some role in negotiating a final bill.

Health Care Reform Negotiations

Democrats Look for Path Forward: Recent statements made by Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) are the first concrete signs that Democrats have started working to revive comprehensive health care reform legislation. Rep. Rangel indicated to the media that lawmakers have begun writing a compromise bill based on the legislation passed by the Senate last December. The bill will