Eight Questions You Should Ask Your Texas Auto Insurance Agent

Eight Questions You Should Ask Your Texas Auto Insurance Agent

Below I have provided eight questions everyone should ask a Houston auto insurance before placing their insurance within their agency. This should help you find the right agent for your Houston auto insurance, Texas.

Question #1: Is your agent a direct writer or a Texas independent insurance agent?

Direct Writers

Texas auto insurance agents who are employees of a direct insurance company are only allowed to sale through that particular company.

Texas insurance agency.

An independent insurance agent is able to sell through multiple carriers. This gives them the ability to shop you insurance through many companies to find the best policy that fits your insurance needs.
An Independent Agency does not work for a specific insurance company; they work for you! They work on your side when you have a loss and follow through to see that you get fair, prompt payment.

Question #2: What you should ask your agent about their Texas auto insurance experience?

How long has your agent been selling auto insurance in Houston, Texas?
How long has your agent been writing with this insurance company?
What is your agent’s relationship with this company
How efficient is their claims department

Question #3: What you should ask your agent about the claims process

What happens if you need to file a claim?
Will the agent handle it or just give you an 800 number?
What will the agent do if you are being avoided by the claims department?
What will your agent do if the company is not performing well?

Question #4: You should ask your agent about the auto company’s status and reputation.

Is this Texas car insurance company standard or non – standard?

What is this companies rating?

If the company has an AM Best score between a B – A+ this is a solid company.
If they have a lower rating than B or no rating at all you need to find out why. Is this a standard company with the State Of Texas or a county mutual insurance company? Ask for the companies rating and if the company is not rated then why? Also ask: How big is your book of business with this insurance carrier?

Question #5: You should ask your agent if any of your current clients have had trouble with this insurance company.

There is not a perfect insurance company but there are some far more superior than others. These questions can help you get an idea of the company’s customer service.

Have there been claims that took too long to pay?
Does the company have a 24-hour “live” claims service?
Is this insurance carrier a standard company?

Question #6: Does the company offer a full year policy or just a six month policy?

By purchasing a full year policy you will not have to worry about a premium increase after only six months. This can save some real money if you get in an accident in the middle of your policy period.

Question #7: You should ask your agent about different payment methods and discounts for setting up automatic draft.

You can pay by check, cash, MasterCard, Visa Amex(some carriers), electronic check, or automatic deduction through your checking account or credit card.
Will the company give a discount if you bank draft? Some companies will give you a discount for allowing them to draft the monthly premium on the date the insured chooses

Question #8: What additional discounts are available?

Texas Auto and Home insurance discount.
includes condos, apartments, rental homes etc.

Ask your agent about all the available discounts.

Is there a good driver’s discount?
Is there a good student discount?
Is there a multiple car discount?
Is there discounts for special alarms?
Is there a driver training discount?
Is there a student away at school without the vehicle discount

At Insurance Over Texas, we take a personal interest in our customers. We like to share information that comes to help you protect yourself and your family from financial loss. If you have any questions, regarding this information or your current insurance coverage, please do not hesitate to give me a call, shoot me an Email, or contact us.

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