Commercial Business Insurance – It’s Your Responsibility

Commercial Business Insurance – It’s Your Responsibility

Article by Tom Jones

As a business owner, the well-being of your employees is your responsibility, and because of this, you are legally obligated to have the correct type of insurance in place.

Many people who start their own business are under the impression that you can simply walk into the offices of any insurance company and purchase a single policy which will provide you with all the cover you need. Contrary to what you may believe, when it comes to insuring your business, there’s more to it than the value of your business alone. After all, every type of business is different, so of course different businesses require different types of cover.

The term ‘business insurance’ can be somewhat misleading, in that many people tend to think of it as a single insurance policy, but the fact is, it’s not. Instead, it’s usually made up of several different policies.

For example, if you were to start your own taxi service, and you had several vehicles, you would probably require fleet insurance to cover your vehicles against theft and damage. You’d also need to have adequate insurance in place as far as all your drivers are concerned, and you’d need to make sure that your passengers are properly covered.

In addition to this, you need your actual business premises insured as well, and in the vast majority of cases, you’d probably want the contents included in the policy.As you can