Cheap Business Insurance ? Cutting Costs

Cheap Business Insurance ? Cutting Costs

Are you starting your own business? You must be concerned with the monthly costs you will incur. Never forget about getting a business insurance and this will be one of your monthly payments that might costs you quite bit money. If you are looking for a way to save and cut costs you may want to consider buying cheap business insurance.

To cut costs you should know what type of business insurance you should get. There are many types of business insurance policies available, each one offers own level of coverage.

Types of Business Insurance:

1. Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) -This business insurance bundles property and liability insurance through one premium that is affordable. Meant for small businesses with 100 or below employees.

2. General Liability – Designed to protect business owners and operators from variety of liability exposures. Exposures may include accidents resulting from operations like business that manufactures heavy machineries.

3. Property Insurance – Covers fire, theft and weather damage. Business Insurance for physical property for its loss of its income producing abilities.

4. Workers’ Compensation – Liability insurance that requires employers to pay employees benefits and give medical care, and to dependents of employees.

5. Professional Liability/Error and Omissions – Protects your company from claims if your