Beware Of The Dog — How home Security Could Cut The Costs Of Your Home Insurance

Beware Of The Dog — How home Security Could Cut The Costs Of Your Home Insurance

Article by Mark Bartley

There is a range of ways to improve your home security, and in turn reduce the amount you pay on home insurance. Depending on what alterations or features you install, insurance companies could view your home as a lower risk and this could mean significant savings in the amount you pay for home cover. The important thing to consider when evaluating what home security you might need in order to cut the costs of your home insurance is that what you install is both practical and not unnecessarily expensive. Most of the time it is easy to fit some good security features that are cost effective and help you save a significant amount on the price you pay for home insurance.

Studies show that over a third of many break-ins to homes are opportunistic, with burglars getting in through unlocked doors or windows, and it is 10 times more likely that your home could be burgled if it doesn’t have basic security. Simply putting strong locks on your doors and windows could keep your house and your possessions much safer.

Avoiding home insurance costs by not buying cover for your possessions is counter productive, as just one break in could cost you thousands of pounds in replacing essential items. It’s far less stressful to just buy a home insurance policy, and you can make it even cheaper by ensuring your home is secure.

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