Affordable Home Insurance – Your Safety Tips

Affordable Home Insurance – Your Safety Tips

Article by Steve Shyne

The first important thing to remember in terms of home insurance is that you don’t need to take out any secondary land insurance to secure your home from loss, damage or liabilities. Their is no need to insure your land on which you plan to build your home. Typical home insurance already covers damage, theft and losses that may occur, that being said; insuring your land separately with your home insurance is considered unnecessary and would not claim any benefits but rather lead to an unnecessary expense.

The second important thing you might neglect while investing in a new home is home security. Having your home equipped with a reliable security system would actually help you save money with your insurance company. Security coverage such as motion detection alarms or outdoor security lighting systems would reduce the chances of theft which in turn makes your home secure and may reduce the overall cost of your home insurance.

An important item to check regarding safety in your home is a smoke alarm system. In fact it has become mandatory in many states to have a smoke alarm detection system installed when you purchase a new home. It is suggested that you annually check or replace your battery in your system to ensure that you are being protected in case of a fire. Having a faulty smoke alarm system can result in conflict with your insurance company. If anything should go wrong, you may remain liable for it as you are responsible to keep your security equipment up to the standards. In the long run, regular maintenance of your equipment and avoiding a claim may save you money in home insurance premiums.

For security measures and general safety, it is a good idea not to leave ladders, tools or shovels openly available outside your home. These items are an open invitation to burglary as they provide easy access for break-ins. You can prevent theft due to negligence by being careful with items around your property. Always put them away after usage.

An important addition to making your home more secure would be to have dead-bolts locks in the main entrance points of your home. This would make break-ins a difficult challenge and also keeps you protected from any criminal acts. The more secure you make your home, than the smaller the chance of making an insurance claim. This would keep your insurance premiums down and make insurance payments more affordable.

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