120_645205_F4zGsQuote Me 4Life Insurance is independently owned and operated by Christopher Downing who specializes in life, auto insurance etc. This is a top quality insurance blog where consumers can get information and quotes. When you select your zip code or State you will receive quotes from a list of top rated insurance carriers using the insurance quote directory. Once you select the insurance carrier you then would be directed to their website to get quotes and purchase a policy if you choose so. (Remember… When it comes to auto insurance the more quotes you get the lowest price you’ll find.)

I have been in the insurance business since 1987 and came on-line Oct 2004 and started Quote Me 4Life.com This website has helped many secure their futures with proper insurance planning while offering the convenience and privacy of comparing prices and applying on-line without any sales pressure. You can be sure that applying for insurance is easy, secure and convenient! It’s my commitment and desire to establish trust and a long lasting relationship with my online consumers.

Online Consumers can speak with a licensed representative by phone. With a brief call, they could answer questions and help ensure you are selecting an insurance policy that best fits your needs.


Christopher Downing, LUTC
California Insurance License #0673653