25 Ways To Save On Home Insurance

25 Ways To Save On Home Insurance

25 Ways to save on Home Insurance

There are many variables relative to a home that determine the rate that is charged for insuring the property.  For example, homes constructed of Brick and that are detached from other homes, will get cheaper insurance rates than a home constructed of wood and that is attached on one or both sides.  Also a 3 family home will cost more to insure than a one family home, as each unit adds another potential hazard with more stoves, kitchens, potential water leaks, and increased chances for human error that may cause a fire.

Below are some ways to save on your home insurance:

1)      Purchasing a newer home will result in lower insurance rates.

2)      Homes with flat roofs may cause more than homes with a pitched roofs as the later tends to protect more against leaks and collapses (i.e. from accumulated snow or ice on the roof).

3)      Install a central alarm system (a system that automatically alerts the fire department or police if there is an emergency) rather than a local alarm.  This can result in a decent discount, perhaps 10%.

4)      When determining the insurance amount on the building, leave out the land as you are insuring just the building.  Remember, the land does not burn and rates are based on the replacement cost of the building and not the appraised value of the property.

5)      If you own vicious animals such as pit bulls, keep in